At Reti, we convert textile waste into sustainable construction materials.

What and why?

Textile waste is a huge and often ignored problem that the world is facing today. A whopping 90 million tonnes of textile waste is generated every year around the world, with most of it ending up either in landfills or getting incinerated. We want to change this - by turning textile waste into construction materials.

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The idea is to extend the life of textiles much beyond their conventional use. Compared to apparel, construction materials are used for much longer (7–10 years), keeping the textiles in the loop for a longer time. Moreover, textiles provide unique functionalities—our textile panels are extremely lightweight, aesthetically appealing, and have great insulation properties. We focus on two main applications: compressed textile panels to build indoor partition walls and porous textile panels for acoustic insulation. Currently, we are in the product development stage. We’re also conducting pilots to test our prototypes.

Follow us on our journey to convert old clothes to new walls, one t-shirt at a time!

Support and grants

Since the inception of Reti in September 2021, we have received support through two grants from Social Alpha and a prize from Villgro.

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Who are we?

Hi! I am Indrayani. What excites me the most at Reti is the chance to define the problem that we want to work on. I believe that solutions to any real-world problem lie at the intersection of various fields. I enjoy identifying these intersections and pulling in all the required resources to address the problem at hand.

Hi! I am Jahnavi, and I am a biomedical engineer. Our tumble into the world of textile waste was an accident, but I have learnt a lot of things along the way. I like tinkering with things, and mostly ask myself “what if?” about pretty much everything.

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Contact us

We are based in Bengaluru, India.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, shoot an email at [email protected]

Or contact us through our Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn pages.